International Consulting

This section focuses particularly, but not exclusively, on services for NGOs, governments, political parties and government agencies.

Demandas Internacionales offers drafting of studies and reports on any subject and its relation to human rights. In this sense, our work focuses on making reports in order to clarify the current situation on one or several subjects, such as racism in a particular sector, or discrimination based on gender. The current reality would be accompanied by a compendium of legislation and recommendations on human rights that must or should be followed by the country concerned.

We also offer the possibility to study conventions related to human rights, to get a real insight into such agreements. The usefulness of these studies are, firstly, to know what represents for a country that a particular convention is ratified (what rights are extended, how to defend them) or if there is a possible conflict of interest against the rules analyzed. Finally, Demandas Internacionales can raise criticism and / or propose policy improvements.